House Flooded

Submitted on September 21, 2004

Dear David & Alesia:

This note is a long time in coming! Words cannot express the comfort I felt last summer in knowing that you would respond to my call for help so quickly!

July 30, 2003 (or 31, I can’t remember that), I was working in Huntsville, AL and received a call from my husband saying that we had a catastrophe at the home; the whole house was flooded from an upstairs toilet that the feeder line blown off of the tank! Water was everywhere including upstairs, main floor and the whole basement, even coming through light fixtures, etc.

I remembered that Personal Touch Cleaners had banner advertising on their van for fire and water restoration and called them immediately. David answered and said they would respond immediately!

By the time I was able to return home from Huntsville about 2 hours later, worried about what I would find, I was greeted with the sight of vans, equipment extracting water, and a group of men hauling furniture from all levels of the house out of harms way!

The sight of the horrible mess was sadly overwhelming but the comfort I received by the timely and very efficient help was wonderful!!

Everyone worked until late in the night trying to extract water, clean debris, move things to safety, pull up carpeting, pads, moldings, etc. I have forgotten how many gallons of water were dumped out of the house but there was at least 2 inches of water deep in the basement alone!!

David and Alesia came back the very next morning to continue in the cleanup and drying process and each day after until his “moisture meter” quit showing more moisture!! To this day I have not found mold or rotten wood; and my house is freshly painted and clean. There has been a lot of work in restoring it back to normal, but the efforts from the beginning helped us cope with that emergency more than I can say!!

Again thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Renee Fleissner