Carol C. Foster

12 Robin Hood Road
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334

Submitted on April 6, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

As Branch Manager of the Tennessee Valley Branch of the Better Bureau of Middle Tennessee it has been my honor and privilege to have been associated with Personal Touch Carpet Care since the opening of this branch in 1999. Personal Touch Carpet Care was the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics Recipient in the Small Employer category for the year of 2003. The opening remarks of David’s Torch Award entry states “Personal Touch is Answering the Call.” His company’s community involvement is legendary. Whether it’s giving seminars on what to do after a fire or tips on water damage after a storm to just cleaning your carpet after every day living, Personal Touch is there for his customers. David has built a business reputation that says, “Trust and Quality.” The only thing more impressive than dozens of certificates and educational classes completed by David Sanders year after year to ensure that he is the best, are the hundreds of letters of recommendation he has received.

David is a self-made professional entrepreneur who is working daily to let his wife and daughter have a comfortable life. While David realizes his need for lots of work to meet his goal, he has never lost site of honesty and caring for his customers. David has turned down jobs knowing that the carpet or tile could not be cleaned to the customer’s satisfaction.

A lot of business owners have the ability to give a lot back to the community, to educate their customers and to actively encourage business self-regulation in the marketplace due to the size of their business and several employees. David does not have this advantage and is still able to accomplish promoting and fostering ethical relationships between business and the public. David is constantly educating his customers and the community with general advice and helpful tips by: offering advice on his web site, publishing new letters, hosting Chamber Exposition Booths, and being a regular guest on the Better Business Bureau’s radio talk show.

Thank you for considering Personal Touch Carpet Care as a 2005 Torch Award Recipient. I know the importance of selecting a business that is truly worthy of this award. It is my honor to write this letter to express to you the high ethical values and sincere marketplace ethics that Personal Touch/ David and Alesia Sanders carries with them on a daily basis.

Carol C. Foster