Air Duct Cleaning Testimonial

Dear Mr. Sanders:

We recently hired your company (Personal Touch) to clean and sanitize our air duct system.

Our 2-story, 42 year old brick house, while well built and maintained, has suffered from mold and mildew problems over the years, mainly due to its location in the South, and further complicated by a totally shaded yard and semi-underground first floor.

My husband was totally impressed with you and your wife who gave us our estimate.  After our air ducts were cleaned and sanitized, we were both equally impressed with the services provided by you and your crew. In addition, although it took a bit longer to clean our ducts than you had estimated, you stood by your original estimate of $540

We previously paid to have our air ducts cleaned about six years ago by another company for approximately half of what you charged.  So, I was a little concerned about your estimate. However, your services were well worth the price we paid. We were actually able to see and smell the evidence of your cleaning; whereas, we could not tell any difference with the previous company.

My husband, who was here during your cleaning, also indicated that you removed “a ton of nasty junk” from the air ducts.  So, I highly suspect that the previous company did not do much of anything, since I cannot imagine how our air ducts could have gotten that filthy in less than six years.  Of course, the previous company did not perform with the rigor and expertise of your crew.

Also, since we recently saw on WHNT Channel 19 how (name of previous company omitted) was scamming people by advertising duct cleanings for $79.99 and then charging customers $5,000 (yes, 3 zeros), we felt it was imperative to write this letter to confirm our appreciation to you, and also to inform others….

Thank you and your crew for doing such a professionally great job!

Please feel free to use us as a reference.  In the meantime, we will be highly recommending your services to our friend and co-workers, as well.

Angelia and Chuck Christian
Huntsville, Alabama